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For the first time ever, Animethon is proud to be partnering with Pokémon Edmonton and hosting a special Pokémon event at our convention! For Pokémon TCG (The Card Game) and Pokémon Sun and Moon! 

Pokémon TCG Special Event - ALBERTA OPEN

Player seating is capped at 180*. To secure your seat, please pre-register by contacting the organizer at:


Date: Friday, Jan 20
Location: Salon  4 (A Taste of Animethon event pass is NOT required to access this room)
TBA – Early Alberta Open Check In
TBA – Open Gaming

Date: Saturday, Jan 21
Location: Salon  4 (A Taste of Animethon event pass is NOT required to access this room)
Registration: 10:00am
ALBERTA OPEN Entry Fee: $30 per player all age divisions

Expanded Format, Swiss best of 1 – 30 minutes, Top Cut best of 3 – 60 minutes

Championship Points will be awarded to top finishers, based on attendance per age division.
Prizes: TBA


knowledge of the 2017 TCG rules,
  • EXPANDED Format: a tournament legal deck of 60 cards from the Black & White to Evolutions expansion sets, NO proxy cards or cards from worlds decks (grey border on the cards), a completed deck list is required, legal randomizer (official coin for flipping or translucent 6 sided die with rounded edges), damage counters and special condition markers (for burned and poisoned)
  • SWISS ROUNDS: Players will play in every round, unless attendance is an odd number which 1 player will have a bye, that’s an auto win. Matches will be best of 1, 30 minutes. Upon completing swiss rounds, those top finishers will advance to Top Cut. This will be announced by the organizer
  • TOP CUT: Congratulation to making it to Top Cut. Matches will be best of 3, 60 minutes, elimination. If you win you move on to the next round, if you lose your tournament ends here.
  • CARD SLEEVES: We would recommend new, only Pokemon graphic sleeves that have a border along the edges, or solid color sleeves that match. Avoid sleeves that the back reflects or mirrors. If your sleeves are damaged, extensive wear, non Pokemon graphics you may be asked by a judge to replace your sleeves. Sleeves will be available to purchase at the event
  • RANDOMIZER such as a Pokemon coin or clear/translucent dice, dice used as damage counters can be used but cannot be the same color as the randomizer.
Note: If you are travelling from outside of Edmonton and playing in the Alberta Open, seats cannot be guaranteed without preregistering. Please contact the organizer to secure your seat.

Sun and Moon Pre-Release

SIDE EVENTS – Open to everyone

Date: Saturday, January 21
Registration: 3:00-3:30 pm
Registration: 6:00-6:30 pm
Entry Fee: $40 per player per prerelease

Pre-Release event details:
Each player will receive a Prerelease Kit which consists of 22 card evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, 4 Sun and Moon booster packs and 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards. When the tournament organizer announces to open the Prerelease Kit contents, construct a 40-card deck using only those cards and basic energy provided by the organizer.

Players have 30 minutes to construct their deck. Players may NOT trade the cards from their booster packs with other players until the tournament ends. Once the first round of the tournament begins, players may not alter the contents of their deck. At the end of the tournament, players will receive 3 additional booster packs.

Your Player ID number, if you don’t have one, one will be provided to you at the event. Players are required to provide their own randomizer, a translucent 6-sided dice with well-rounded corners, counters or dice that are not the same color as the randomizer to mark damage to Pokémon in play and Special Conditions markers. Card Sleeves will be available to purchase at the event.

All information are subject to changes without notice, for event updates please see the Pokémon Edmonton Community Facebook page at: