ASAPA presents

A Taste of Animethon 2018

Jan 19 & 20 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Butler Café

Welcome my lords and ladies, A Taste of Animethon is proud to be hosting our ever popular Butler Café at our event! The Butler Café will be happening on Friday night, there will only be 2 sessions with limited seating. Our butlers will offer you an enchanting experience to be served as an aristocrat, serving you snacks and drinks with elegance. Relax and enjoy your stay here~ Okaerinasai Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様 , お嬢様!

Butler Café Details

  • The Butler Café will be Jan 19 Friday night only. Tickets
  • Session times are: 7PM, 9PM
  • Each session will last approximately one hour and will include a choice of a food (Dessert) item and a drink.
  • Ticket price: $15 (No Refund, must also have purchased an Event Pass or X-Pass to attend)
  • Online Tickets Available

Food and Drink

Food and drinks will be included with the ticket. The menu includes...
Choice of one food item (Specific items will have limited quantities): 
-Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Salted Caramel Ganache Truffle Tart
-Vanilla Bavarios with Raspeberry Confit Gateau
-Fruit Cup (For Gluten Free Only)

Served with a Selection of Tea (Earl Grey, Calm Chamomile, Refresh Mint)

Ticket Purchase

Limited online tickets are available below. You can also purchase the tickets on site from the "Panel Sign in/Maid Café Ticket Sales Table" in the bottom floor of shaw. You will be required to purchase a ticket to attend this event, and are expected to arrive 10 minute before the session starts. There are limited seats available so get them early! No refunds can be made after purchase.

What is a Butler Café?

A butler café is a theme café that presents the server staff as butlers who attend to the guests as they would aristocracy. It is a place where patrons can enjoy a simulated upper class experience while conversing over a cup of tea. The butler café came about as a response to the growing number of straight female ACG (Anime, Comic and games) fans looking for a place to relax and spend their money. It can be thought of as the counterpart to a maid café with butlers instead of maids and a greater focus on a more traditional experience rather than one influenced by moé culture.

Please email if you have any questions regarding this event.