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A Taste of Animethon 2018

Jan 19 & 20 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Fan Panels

A Cosplayer's Guide to Cons (AP)
By Makenzie Jensen
A look into a convention through the eyes of a cosplayer; how to cosplay to your first con and have fun with the enviroment.
A-Typical Anime: A Positive Look at Autism in Anime (AP)
By Sybsidian
A humorous look at examples of autism in anime to help attendees better understand characters & anime fans (like our host) who live with ASD.
Advanced Electronic Cosplay (AP)
By Randell
We'll be going over how to integrate electronics in your costume like Rigging a rechargeable battery, Wiring strategies and LED Efficiency.
Beginner's Cosplay (AP)
By Say of RetroPocketsCosplay
How to get started with cosplay.
Competitive Super Smash Brothers (AP)
By Victor Tran
No Items? Fox Only? Final Destination? Wavedash over and discover the world of competitive Super Smash Brothers, one of today’s most popular eSports.
Cosplay Pattern Drafting (AP)
By Helena Jakobs
Want to learn how to make your own patterns for cosplay? Come and learn the basics on drafting patterns for a shirt/dress, leggings, and skirt!
Danganronpa Murder Party (14P)
By Brittini Horning
Do you like board games and murder? Then come join us for Danganronpa themed takes on classic deadly games! Cosplay and roleplay especially welcome!
By Autumn Deighton
Welcome to Sexy time with your favourite Dream Daddies. In a sensual and mature setting for all 18+ fans of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.
Dirt League: BATL RAPRZ (MP)
By Adam Adolph
Write and witness the dankest otaku battle raps in history, and we're not just talking about the smell.
Disney Sing Along (AP)
By Mars
Let's get down to business and belt out some of your favourite tunes! Just let it go and have some fun! You're welcome ;)
Fandom Feud: Sailor Moon vs Dragon Ball (AP)
By Brittany Ward
Come on down and watch your favourite characters from Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball duke it out to see who is supreme in the knowledge of their fandoms.
Free! 50% Off (14P)
By Jude
Join the Free! boys with their discount humor as they answer questions, survive dares, and go mad(libs). Try and stay in sync with this swimming club!
Guess That Song! (AP)
By Lupie
Think you know your songs? Why not come test out your skills to win some prizes! Songs including Disney and Anime.
How to Adult: Congoer Edition (AP)
By Catriona Michaluk
Love going to conventions and cosplaying but hate running out of money? We do too! Come learn some tips to avoid this!
How to be a YouTuber Today! (AP)
By Sybsidian
How to be a YouTuber! Join the Triple S League for a workshop on becoming a YouTuber or just learning more about what it's like!
How to Get the Perfect Boyfriend(s) (14P)
By Yuu
Want a boyfriend? How about 2? 30? 100?? Come on down to learn about the Otome Culture! Let US help YOU fellow MCs to get your man(s)!
How to Identify Bootlegs (AP)
By Pauline French
What are bootlegs? Why are they bad? How can you avoid them? Come find out and ask questions!
Introduction to Table Top Role Playing: Pathfinder Edition (AP)
By Larissa Langenau
Come learn tips and tricks of role-playing in a tabletop game! Learn the basics of how to get involved and how to create your own character with depth.
Japan Food and Travel Tips (AP)
By Patrick Law
Planning a trip to Japan and don't know where to start? Hear from experienced travellers on where to find good eats and avoid common travel blunders.
Japanese Weapon Arts (AP)
By Isabella
A demonstration of the Japanese weapon arts of kendo, naginata, and iaido. Learn about the modern sport forms of weapons often featured in anime!
Just Do It: A Panel on Panels (14P)
By Robin Forgues
Ever wanted to do a panel but had no idea where to start? Have no fear! An experienced panelist will be your guide through the nine circles of panels.
K-Pop Random Dance Game (AP)
By Courtney Horning
Yolo yolo yolo yo, where the party yah? Join us for this years K-Pop Random Dance Game! Now longer and improved, now two hours long! (yolo right?)
Lip Sync Battle (14P)
By David
Contestants compete to see who can lip sync best to their favorite songs in this king of the hill style tournament. Winners are determined by audience.
Lolita Fashion 101 (AP)
By Doan Hoang
Lolita Fashion 101. Interested in lolita fashion? Come learn more about the style and the secret life of a Lolita.
Lolita Fashion: Cute On A Budget (AP)
By Cae Pevensie
Lolita fashion - the affordable way! Learn how to find inexpensive lolita clothing online, as well as local thrifting options and even handmade!
Make-Up Mystery (AP)
By Julia Pylypow
A panel for those interested to in the basics of Special Effects (SPFX) Make-Up, that can also be applied for Cosplay purposes!
Makeup with mochifish! (AP)
By ageha
Come join me for a live demonstration of cosplay make up from a real makeup artist! A q&a as well, come as questions! We’ll figure this out together
Mix and Mingle Panel (AP)
By Amin
Want to meet new people into anime, manga, cosplay, and Japanese culture? Come to the mix and mingle, the exciting way to meet new people at ATOA!
Musica: Step Zero to One (AP)
By Gwen Alvarado
Join mu'sica as we learn the chorus to two aqours songs! Gain confidence in dancing and learning some tricks to learning Aqours dances!
My Hero Academia (AP)
By Amin
Come chat about the anime My Hero Academia. Vote for your favourite hero and test your My Hero Academia knowledge!
No Wota? No Idol? (AP)
By JouKazu
Have you ever wanted to cheer on your favourite anisong artists, Japanese idol(s), or seiyuu(s), but are not sure how? If so, this panel is for you!
Running TRPG's: Alternative Perspective (14P)

By Sebastian Dean
An experienced RPG host goes over the many aspects of running a traditional role playing game session with an open minded and alternative perspective.
Super Mario 64 RACING (14P)
By Adrian Zmewsky
Are you the next speedrunning legend? Come put your Super Mario 64 skills to the test! Shoutouts to SimpleFlips
Touhou 9 Tournament (AP)
By Jeremie Caisse
Come test your Danmaku skills against other players! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome to participate!
Touhou Project ~ Know Your Neighbor (14P)
By Steven
To survive, or even thrive in Gensoyko, you'll need to know the characters that live there! Luckily the one in charge is here to show you around.
Volleybros (14P)
By Tat
Join the Volleybros as they attempt to fix Kuroo's hair and help Asahi gain some self-esteem.
Wigs 101 (AP)
By Nicole
Step up your cosplay with Wigs! Learn the basics of wearing, styling and more!
Zapp's Spaceship of Love: Critical Fail (14P)

By Don
Zapp and his crew return with Critical Fail, to try and kill as many of you nerds as possible in this comedy/improv based game of Dungeons and Dragons