ASAPA presents

A Taste of Animethon

Jan 14 & 15 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Guest Panels

Autograph Policy

NOTE: Guests will not sign unlicensed (bootleg) materials. Please only bring items that directly relate to a role the guest has done or any official event merchandise. Please see the Autograph Policy for more details on further policies. Please be aware that Nobutoshi Canna will not be taking any photos (selfies) with patrons during autograph sessions.

X-Pass Autographs (AP)

A special autograph session with all the guests of honors for A Taste of Animethon (Subject to availability)! For X-Pass holders only!

Lauren Landa

Lauren Landa Q&A

This is your chance to ask questions about Lauren Landa, a voice actress sensation!

Voice Acting Industry with Lauren Landa

Get to know Lauren Landa and her roles in the voice acting industry.

Bryson Baugus

Live Dubbing with Bryson Baugus

Bryson dubs his very own webcomic, demonstrates his voice, and provides tips on dubbing your own work!

Nobutoshi Canna

Nobutoshi Canna Q&A

Curious on what Nobutoshi Canna's favourite role may be? Want to know what life as a voice actor is like in Japan? What is it like working with an animation studio directly? Come and ask Nobutoshi Canna as he answers questions from you.

Bryson Baugus & Nobutoshi Canna Combo

East Meets West: Nobutoshi Canna & Bryson Baugus

Come meet Nobutoshi Canna and Bryson Baugus as they discuss the similarities and differences in the voice acting industry between Japan and North America.

The 404s Improv

The 404s Present: The GeekProv Showcase

The 404s close out the con with their All-Ages show.  Your suggestions blended with their GeekProv knowledge make for a hilarious combination.  Certainly something not to be missed.

The 404s Present: The Missing Episode of ???

You thought you’ve seen every episode, read every manga, heard every fan theory but there are some things you were just not meant to see.  Luckily The 404s are here to recreate the Missing Episode of your favourite animes.  Come watch and let The 404s know which animes you would like to see them make up on the spot.

The 404s Present: The Last Pants Standing Show

The lights go down, the comedy gets suggestive and the improvisors get “comfortable”.  You hold the power over The 404s in this 18+ panel, as you decide who will lose their pants next.  Who will be the Last Pants Standing?  Come check out the show and choose the victor. May the odds ever be in your favor.

Apricity KPOP Dance Crew

Apricity KPOP Dance Crew Showcase

Check out the KPOP Dance Showcase from Edmonton's famed Dance Crew!