ASAPA presents

A Taste of Animethon

Jan 14 & 15 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Special Events



Comedy & Parody Anime Music Videos

Take a break to join in on the laughter as we present some of the funniest and most twisted videos ever made.

Studio Ghibli Anime Music Videos

Take a journey to the magical land of Ghibli through some of the best Anime Music Videos ever made. Fun for the entire family!

That was Then and This is Now

Ever wonder how the editing and culture of Anime Music Videos (AMVs) have changed from the late 80/Early 90s to today? Join in as we present a fun and entertaining look at how editing technology and the evolution of anime have changed through the years with some real cool examples of then and now.

AMV Showcase

We’ve reached into our grab-bag and come up with a choice selection of AMV awesomeness from all over the world, some of which might never have been seen before.

All Others


Animethon Q&A

Animethon staff is here to answer any questions you got for us! Find out how you can be a part of the team or leave us your feedback!

Animethon vs Otafest - Family Feud

Forget the Oilers and the Flames; Animethon Vs Otafest - Family Feud is the true battle of Alberta!

AniEDM Welcome Back Dance

Dance till you drop with DJ Raving Dragon!

Apricity KPOP Dance Crew Showcase

Check out the KPOP Dance Showcase from Edmonton's famed Dance Crew!

Apricity KPOP Dance Crew Workshop

Come learn some dance moves from Edmonton's famed Dance Crew!

Closing Ceremony

The grand finale to our event, farewell to our guests, and announcements!

Old Scona Academic's music program: The 20/30 Wind Band

Old Scona Academic's music program is excited to present the 20/30 Wind Band. Under the direction of Shawn Gan, the band is comprised of dedicated and enthusiastic students who not only strives for excellence, but are proud to be a member of the community. Come watch an exciting show featuring a wide selection of anime and video game music!

Opening Ceremony

Celebrate the start of A Taste of Animethon Special Reunion! Come meet our guests!