ASAPA presents

A Taste of Animethon

Jan 14 & 15 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Special Events



ATOA 2018 AMV Contest (14P)

For the First time ever at ATOA, we are proud to present the AMV Contest. Come and experience a full spectrum of entertainment as editors from all over the world compete Head to Head. Pick up a ballot and get ready to choose the Audience Best Video.

AMV Showcase (14P)

We’ve reached into our grab-bag and come up with a choice selection of AMV awesomeness from all over the world, some of which might never have been seen before!

AMV Mortal Combat 2.0 (14P)

Come join the fun as we pit AMVs to fight it out in the video arena. Cheer on your favorites and help decide the fate of AMVs in Mortal Combat!

Comedy on the Edge (MP)

Its AMV happy hour at ATOA, and the kind of stuff we’ll be serving and showing is definitely isn’t for minors.

All Others


Animethon 25 Preview and Q&A (AP)

Here is your chance to find out some exciting things and have your questions answered about Animethon's 25th Anniversary that is happening this summer!

Butler Café (AP)

A Taste of Animethon is happy to be hosting our ever popular Butler Café on FRIDAY ONLY! Get ready to be treated like royalty by our dedicated enchanting butlers. This is a separately ticketed event.

Closing Ceremony (AP)

The grand finale to our event, farewell to our guests, announcements, and see which Club comes out of the top!

Maid Café – Gothica Ver. (AP)

We’re excited to bring the Maid Café to ATOA 2018! The Maid Café will be happening SATURDAY ONLY! Our Maids will do their best to offer you an enchanting experience similar to popular Maid Café’s in Japan! This event’s theme will be Gothica! This is a separately ticketed event.

Opening Ceremony (AP)

Celebrate the start of A Taste of Animethon 2018! Come meet our guests!

Pin Trading (AP)

Come join us and enrich your pin collection! There are always a few rare pins available at these events.

Saturday Night Dance (14P)

Dance till you drop with DJ Raving Dragon & DJ ElectroKinetica!

X-Pass Autographs (AP)

A special autograph session with all the guests of honour for A Taste of Animethon (Subject to availability)! For X-Pass holders only!