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Jan 14 & 15 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Staff Openings

Available positions are posted below.

People Operations

Invited Staff

If you were asked to apply for a specific role or invited to be staff by a hiring manager and you do not see the role as an option, please select this option in the application form. Please note the role in the notes you were invited to apply for if you did not receive an invitation email for a specific role and is not an available option to select.


Cosplay Staff

We are currently looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our cosplay team, this team oversees all the cosplay events at Animethon, such as the Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest, etc. This team also runs and maintains the Cosplay Repair Room throughout the event.

-Exceptional organizational skills preferred.
-Good communication skills.
-Must be detail orientated.
-Good general knowledge of Cosplay, Anime and Asian Popular Arts and the community.
-Having an events planning background is an asset.

Public Relations

Design Staff

-Year-round position, 5 hrs/week
-Reports to Design Coordinator
-Design various marketing content including print ads, digital ads, and online/social ads
-Design various operational assets including Guidebook material, badges, event slides, and infographics
-Understand and apply design specifications, sizes and other requirements for printing, vendors, etc.
-Implement provided brand styles and guidelines depending on the project requirements
-Assist Signage team in signage design, production, setup, and teardown as needed
-Assist Design Coordinator and/or Directors as required

-Must be fluent in PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator or equivalents
-Education and experience in marketing or design would be a plus
-Other content and design experience including photo editing, video editing, logo design etc. would be a plus

Signage Coordinator

-Event lead-up time 6 months, plus at event shifts
-Reports to Media Manager
-Coordinate all requirements in regard to signage at all venues of the event;
-Determine the quantity, sizes and information needed for all required signage;
-Work with the Design Coordinator to come up with signage layouts;
-Ensure all materials needed for building the required signage is accounted for or obtained;
-Coordinate the placement and removal of all signage during the event.

-Must be fluent in PhotoShop, InDesign/Illustrator or equivalents
-Education and experience in marketing or design would be a plus

Safety and Policy Compliance

Safety Floor Staff

General Responsibilities
-Assigned to perform Safety Staff responsibilities for a specific area of the venue.
-Predominantly responsible for crowd control and safety compliance during the event.
-Assist patrons in navigating the event by providing general information about the venue.
-Manage lines by directing patrons to the appropriate areas and assuring that the line remains organized.
-Disperse crowds that may be impeding the flow of traffic through the event.
-Watch for and report any situation that may be deemed unsafe or in conflict with Animethon’s policies.
-Reports to a dedicated Safety Floor Manager and the Director/Asst. Director of Safety.
-In addition, the following responsibilities should be considered, depending on the area of the event assigned:

Main Events/Registration
-This area includes managing the largest lines at the event, as well as the ongoing Registration line.
-Responsible for safety patrol at the concerts and dances.
-Afternoon and evening availability is required, full day availability is preferred.

Assembly Level
-This area primarily involves safety patrol and crowd dispersal.
-Responsible for the exhibitor halls, main lobby area, and outdoor terrace.
-Morning and afternoon availability is required.

Meeting Level
-This area involves managing the multiple concurrent lines running for programming in the Meeting Level of the event.
-A tolerance for especially crowded and congested areas is necessary.
-Effective communication and coordination with other members of the meeting level team is necessary.
-Full day availability is preferred.

-Good to excellent communication skills.
-Comfortable working around and in large crowds.
-Comfortable approaching and speaking to members of the public.
-Customer service experience is an asset.
-First Aid training is an asset.

Site Operations

Logistics Dispatch Coordinator

Assists the Logistics Manager and Logistics Assistant Manager in their duties before/during/after the Event and may be asked to
perform many of the same duties, answering to the Logistics Assistant Manager should the Logistics Manager be off duty or unable to perform their duties.

– Works with Logistics Managment and the Team Leads to ensure Setup/Teardown runs smoothly
-Monitors Slack for any requests for resources or Logistics staff
– Coordinates Setup/Teardown teams and day-of runners through their Logistics Team Leads
– Report any issues with delivery, Setup/Teardown, or Staff/Volunteers to Logistics Managment
– Monitor/Maintain Logistics Room during Event
– Holds all responsibilities of the Logistics Assistant Manager when they are off duty or unable to perform their duties on site.

– A logical and systematic approach to work
– Good time management ability
– Strong problem solving and decision making skills, as well as being able to think laterally and offer creative solutions
– Experience working with inventory, shipping, or equivalent
– Some IT literacy and the ability to handle electronic data
– The ability to manage change and handle stress in a fast-moving environment, as well as being able to cope with standby times/downtime in a constructive manner
– Excellent communication (both oral and written), negotiation, and analytical skills
– A positive attitude toward external suggestions and continued learning


Cashier Training Coordinator

We are seeking dynamic and organized individuals to join our team as Cashier Training Coordinators. In this role, you will be responsible for implementing training programs for cashiers, ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent customer service and efficiently handle transactions. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in cashier operations, training, and a passion for fostering a positive and engaging learning environment.

-Onboarding and Orientation: Conduct orientation sessions for new cashiers, introducing them to company policies, procedures, and expectations.
Provide hands-on training for new hires on Square and cashier responsibilities.
-Performance Monitoring: Provide constructive feedback to cashiers and offer additional support or retraining as needed.
-Communication and Collaboration: Collaborate with department managers to identify specific training needs and tailor programs accordingly. Maintain open communication channels with cashiers, addressing any concerns or questions related to training.

-Proven experience as a cashier or in a related role.
-Previous experience in training and development
-Familiarity with Square and cash handling procedures.
-Strong organizational and multitasking skills.
-Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
-Ability to adapt training methods to different learning styles.
-Knowledge of customer service best practices.
-Prior experience volunteering with Animethon an asset, Treasury experience preferred but not required.

If you are a motivated individual with a passion for training and development, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to play a key role in shaping our cashier team's success.

Treasury Staff

Treasury is seeking detail-oriented individuals with a penchant for keeping track of numbers. Treasury staff are responsible for managing cash flows during the event.

The responsibilities of Treasury Staff are as follows:
- Prepare and deliver cash floats for various departments
- Count and report on cash inflows and compare against reported sales
- Manage and delegate the distribution of technology, passes and floats
- Ensure that proper tracking procedures are followed.
- Support cashiers with questions and assist when needed.

- Ability to perform math functions in a fast-paced environment
- Experience with counting cash required.
- Working knowledge of Square, iPads, and logging into websites
- Ability to dedicate 6-8 hours per day during Animethon weekend
- Formal training in bookkeeping or accounting considered an asset
- Adequate time management skills, and ability to keep to a schedule

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