ASAPA presents

A Taste of Animethon

Jan 14 & 15 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Staff Openings

Available positions are posted below.

Human Resources

Invited Staff

If you were asked to apply for a specific role or invited to be staff by a hiring manager and you do not see the role as an option, please select this option in the application form. Please note the role in the notes you were invited to apply for if you did not receive an invitation email for a specific role and is not an available option to select.

Public Relations

Social Media Staff

Year-round position, 7 hrs/week plus at event shifts
Reports to Social Media Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator
Assist the Social Media Coordinator and Assistant Social Media Coordinator as required;
Monitor and respond to comments and inquiries on assigned social networking platform;
Man the Social Media table/booth during the event.

Must be an avid social media user of all platforms
Excellent communication skills and impeccable command of the English language.
Able to professionally, assertively, and cordially handle difficult community members or situations
An excellent understanding of the community (i.e. Fandom) that Animethon serves.
Must have clean and/or professional conduct on personal social media platforms

Safety and Policy Compliance

Safety Staff

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our Safety crowd control team! This team will be managing all of the site's access control. The team will be monitoring areas on the venue grounds such as the lineups for main events and vendors hall. Crowd control staff also provide communication to the public regarding event policies. Staff work with Shaw Conference Centre Security to provide a safe and energetic convention.

-Ability to work well individually and in groups.
-Maintain and communicate the event rules to patrons.
-Maintain a professional customer service attitude.
-Willingness to take and write reports as needed.
-Ensure that the safety and fire code policies and procedures are followed and communicated.
-Perform line control duties and crowd dispersion/reorganization as required.
-Keep foot traffic flowing in highly congested areas.
-Follow instructions as provided by the Head of Safety, Assistant Head of Safety, or Safety Schedule Coordinator.
-Experience in line and/or crowd control is an asset.

Site Operations

Logistics Staff

Reponsible for ensuring event is delivered to site, set up, maintained, torn down, and returned to
storage within time frames. Staff answer to the Logistics Manager and Assistant Logistics Manager or
their Team Lead while on a project.

– Assist with load in, Setup, Teardown, and load out to and from Site
– Complete all objectives within timeframe
– Work with other departments to complete tasks when necessary
– Deliver requested items to departments during Event
– Monitor/Maintain Logistics Room during Event

– A logical and systematic approach to work
– Good time management ability
– Strong problem solving and decision making skills, as well as being able to think laterally and
offer creative solutions
– Experience working with inventory, shipping, or equivalent
– The ability to manage change and handle stress in a fast-moving environment, as well as being
able to cope with standby times/downtime in a constructive manner
– Excellent communication (both oral and written)
– A positive attitude toward external suggestions and continued learning
– Must be able to lift 25 lbs.
– Own PPE/Protective Footwear is recommended, but gloves and hi-vis are available from Site.

Technical Staff

- Helps to ensure all A/V & Computer equipment is in working order for all events using them.
- Provide technical support to Guests and Panelists prior to the start of their panels.
- Respond to Technical support requests as required.
- Assists The IT/Technical Services Manager, Technical Coordinator or IT Coordinator with any other additional duties as required.

- Good technical aptitude and problem solving skills.
- Good understanding of computers and/or audio/video equipment.

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