ASAPA presents

A Taste of Animethon

Jan 14 & 15 / 2022 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
/ Volunteer


Join the Team!

The event is powered by the committed Volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to put on the event. When you volunteer with us, you join a team of Managers, Coordinators, and other Volunteers who are passionate about working together to plan events, organize people, and help our attendees be safe. We are currently seeking people with a passion for fostering community who can manage time and resources effectively and communicate efficiently in high-energy environments. We also strive to be a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Volunteers are expected to work towards maintaining this safe space.

If you have an interest in applying for an Event Staff for this event, please use the following application form.

Should you have any questions please contact personnel [at] animethon [dot] org.

Staff Openings

Current staff openings are posted here.

Staff Openings

About Volunteering

While everyone working for the event is a volunteer, you may want to consider applying for a staff position for additional perks and better work experience. The primary difference between the various levels of volunteering & staffing are expectations and responsibilities.

General Responsibilities

  • Agree to and follow event policies.
  • Report to any immediate staff supervisors.
  • Attend all shifts on-time and perform all required duties.
  • Respectfully and professionally attend to patron questions/concerns.
  • Wear appropriate attire for the tasks you will be performing. Any costumes worn must be family friendly and cannot impede duties.
  • Attend training appropriate to your position, if available.
  • When applying for any position, please inform us of any skills/experience you may have.

Event Staff

  • Must be at least 18 years of age on application (Those under 18 will be reviewed and may be accepted on a case by case basis).
  • Staff positions vary in hours and are expected to volunteer before and during the event. Specific requirements are role dependent.
  • Minimum commitment of 10 hours of time spent planning and running the event.
  • Familiarize themselves with, and follow, the Staff Handbook.
  • Must attend staff training as required.
  • Staff are generally expected to be available throughout the event.

We are always recruiting Volunteers! Join us and tell your friends!


  • Staff Applications: Dec 30, 2021
    • Staff who sign up after this date may not qualify for some benefits!

Staff Benefits

Not all benefits are guaranteed depending on availability and sign up deadlines.
  • Staff Badge provided acts as an Event Pass.
  • Early access to Vendor Hall (if assigned duties do not conflict).
  • Front of the line access to autographs as available.
  • Access to this year’s staff-only events (appreciation dinners, holiday party, etc.)
  • Work experience (References available)
  • Food Stipend of $20/day up to $40 for days volunteered during setup and at the event.
  • Discounted parking if available.
  • Merchandise preorders if available.
  • Proof of volunteer hours available upon request.
  • Reusable Animethon Mask!